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The company is located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The scope of business is general projects: personal business services; information consulting services, electronic product sales: communication equipment sales, lighting equipment sales: instrument sales, power electronic components sales, computer software, hardware and auxiliary equipment wholesale, Computer software, hardware and auxiliary equipment retailing, sporting goods and equipment wholesale; sporting goods and equipment retailing, cosmetics wholesale, cosmetics retailing: hygiene products and disposable medical supplies sales, clothing and apparel wholesale; clothing and apparel retailing; labor protection supplies sales: shoes and hats wholesale , shoe and hat retail, luggage sales, toy sales, jewelry wholesale; jewelry retail: lighting sales; daily necessities sales; auto decoration sales; plastic products sales, electrical machinery equipment sales; hardware products wholesale; hardware products retail; molds Sales; Leather Products Sales; Pet Food and Supplies Wholesale, Pet Food and Supplies Retail; Needle Textile Sales; , Create your own network marketing and marketing strategy.